Friday, October 5, 2018


  • A permanent exhibition for companies.products and services.
  • Kamadhenu Temple with Sage Vasista,Lord Ganesha, Goddess Gajalaxmi and Kamadhenu with Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheswara.
  • A Go- Shala with many desi cows.- 
  • All products connected with Go Shaala. 
  • and offer Milk for the new born babies  for Rs.10/- a litre.
  • A school  for Free Education in all school subjects of a good board with no front end fee except the affiliation amount.
  • All teachers and their kids to have accommodation in the school premises only.
  • All Technical subjects to be offered Free for all the students so that when they come out  of  the school, they can do
  •  free-F lancing or join any company.
  • The school will be promoting and teaching
  •  Agri-horti -cultural farming and the produce available for the residents in the school.
  • The school children will have playgrounds and coaches to teach FREE Baseball, cricket, basketball ,table-tennis and badminton.
  • There will also all available aerobic and gymnastic club.FREE. for the school personnel.
  • Special classes for Indian classical music,dance and dramas and all allied cultural activities.
  • Special division for the students interested in Research and development projects.
  • FREE specialised coaching esp.In International Politics and political science.
  • There will be only tests and no examinations and no failures in any class till the 12th std.
  • The student can choose any faculty which he/she likes for which he/she has an aptitude.
  • The school will have an Investment club in which all the students and parents and teachers can contribute and exchange ideas to know more about how to save and invest money.Banking and finance will be given priority and only the private bank will be offered a chance to open a branch to impart education and practice to the personnel and students. The bank has to be managed by the teachers and later by the students themselves.
  • All the personnel and students to be insured for all emergencies.
  • There will be a medical team esp. homeo,Ayurvedic and natural remedies to take care of all the personnel and students of the school.
  • The students will have all computer facilities and there will be more and more visits to all industrial  and manufacturing units to have knowledge and awareness.
  • Audio-visual studios will be attached to the school to encourage students to learn more  and have awareness of whats going on in the world.
  • The student coming out of the school must be an Example for how to be a good citizen of India and run the Nation if necessary.

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