Wednesday, October 17, 2018


  • What is the meaning of Honda?
  • Original Rice Paddy.
  • Soichiro Honda
  • (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991).
  • Mother. a weaver, very innovative, 
  • Father:  A blacksmith.
  • Favourite toys: bicycle parts.
  • Got punishment from father for school report.See and find out Why??? search and find.
  • First job in 1922 after 8 years of schooling.
  • In Tokyo, auto-repair shop. cleaning dishes ,preparing meals
  • 1923- designing  a race car..drove 3 race cars during earthquake.He was never behind a steering wheel before.
  • He was a riding mechanic.1924   their team won the race.
  • Working as a team leader at 21 ,he manufactured metal spokes, piston rings.
  • 1936 incident for fast car racing changed his life.
  • He was after getting Knowledge and not the diploma.
  • 1937 the TURNING POINT   in his life.
  • After world war II he sold his firm to TOYOTA for 450000 yen.
  • one year drunken rest with friends.
  • 1946 manufacturing MOPEDS.'CHOO-CHOO'
  • Dentures saved a deal. presence of mind,right action at the right time.
  • His excellent Policy.staff work harder with more innovative spirit if not forced.
  • 4 basic principles:
  • ' the creation of new markets, 
  • participation of all employees in management,
  •  internationalization of production,
  •  solution of technical and other problems without looking back to precedents, traditions, and common views.'
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  • The joy of producing,
  • Making the Seller happy because Honda is liked and bought by the buyer.
  • The Buyer is happy for having the choice of selecting the Honda product.

Singing in the Rain - Good Morning (1952)


  1. Am,was, will be. were, would be.
  2. I am happy.
  3.  I was thinking of helping anyone. 
  4. I will be blessed if I do help someone.
  5.  Were you  there at any time?
  6.  Who would not be glad if someone comes and helps at the right time?
  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Have, had, had, has, having.
  9. Do you have a kind heart? 
  10. Who had been here?
  11.  They had had everything but lost in gambling. 
  12. Who has the patience these days?
  13.  I am having plenty of time.
  14. Having read the life history of Lincoln who will not try to do something better.
  15. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. Do.did,done,does, doing,doing.
  17. Do you know him?
  18.  Who did this?
  19.  Have you done your work?
  20. Who does not know America? 
  21. What was he doing at that time?
  22. Doing something to help somebody's mother to cross the road is a good act.
  23. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  24. go.
  25. Who wants to go to the movie?
  26. I go there every day.
  27. Who went inside the cave?
  28. Where has he gone?
  29. Who goes there?
  30. She always goes to her sister's house often.
  31. Going on a world tour was his life's ambition.
  32. Where was it going at that time?
  33. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  35. to drive, drive, drove, driven,drives, driving.
  36. He want to drive the Honda .
  37. Do you drive fast?
  38. Who drove away the poverty?
  39. Have you driven a limousin?
  40. She drives so fast and crooked and she drives him mad.
  41. Driving a car in at the speed of 8o k.m .an hour is good.
  42. Do you know how to convert K.m to Miles?
  43. Do you know the difference between gallon and litre?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Good things spread slow

  1. Good things spread  slow,
  2. But bad things spread fast.
  3. If you put sugar in the coffee,
  4. You have to stir.
  5. If you spread a rumour,
  6. That too ill of any celebrity
  7. Or famous person,
  8. It spreads fast like ripples,
  9. In the pond.
  10. Many of the channels are hungry
  11. For yellow journalism.
  12. And it is very rare to  hear
  13. The news of achievements and
  14. Good things.
  15. What we see in all movies,
  16. Serials  and why ,even the
  17. Advertisements too,
  18. pollute,contaminate the minds
  19. Of younger generation.
  20. The actors, actresses, 
  21. directors all are responsible
  22. For the rift,battle and jealousy 
  23. And killing,murdering.rape,
  24. cheating, these are becoming 
  25. virtues of the present world.
  26. The more the man corrupt
  27. And walks with head high,
  28. With no conscience.
  29. We used to have movies
  30. depicting compassion,love.
  31. mercy.peace.
  32. A day will surely dawn
  33. In killing a human being
  34. By another human being.
  35. God save this world.

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