Saturday, December 1, 2018


  1. Who was the founder of Buddhism?
  2. Where was Siddhartha born?
  3. Where is Lumbini?
  4. Who were his parents?
  5. Why and what did his father shield him from?
  6. What was his wife's name and son's name?
  7. What did he see when he went to the royal park?
  8. Why was he happy to see the ascetic?
  9. When and why did he leave his family?
  10. How many days did he sit under the pipal tree at Gaya?
  11. Where is Gaya in India?
  12. What is the meaning of Gaya (Hindi) in English?
  13. When did he attain enlightenment?
  14. What is the meaning of Buddha?
  15. Where is Saranath?
  16. What did Buddha do there?
  17. What are the four noble truths?
  18. When and where did he die?
  19. What is called the middle path Or the noble eight-fold path?
  20. In which language did he preach?
  21. What did he preach?
  22. What did he speak against like Mahavira?
  23. How is Buddhism split into?
  24. Who are Hinayanas?
  25. Who are Mahayanas?
  26. What did Hinayanas believe?
  27. What is a SANGHA?
  28. Who were in  the Sangha?
  29. How did  the monks live?
  30. From whom permission is to be attained for becoming  a member of Sangha?
  31. Why did the monks get respect from the common people?
  32. In which countries Buddhism spread other than India?
  33. What are called Monasteries?
  34. Where were these Monasteries?
  35. What are Stupas?
  36. Which is the surviving Stupa in India?
  37. What is a chaitya?
  38. What is Ahimsa?
  39. What is prophecy?
  40. What is a relic?

For my darlings Divya and Deepak- JAINISM

  1. What are 24 jinas? or Thirthankaras?
  2. Who is a Jina?
  3. Who are called Jains?
  4. Who was the last of the Thirthankaras?
  5. Where was Vardhmana Mahavira born?
  6. Who was his father?
  7. What was his wife's name?
  8. Did he have a child?
  9. When did he renounce his family?
  10. Why did he spend 12 years in prayers and penance?
  11. What is the meaning of JINA?
  12. Why did he discard his clothes?
  13. How did he spend his thirty years?
  14. In which language did he preach and why?
  15. Where and when did he die?
  16. Which religion did he establish?
  17. What did he teach his followers?
  18. What is NIRVANA?
  19. What is KARMA?
  20. How could one get rid of Karma?
  21. What are TRIRATNA?
  22. In what did he not believe?
  23. Why was Jainism attracted more followers?
  24. How many groups are there in Jainism?
  25. Who are called Digambaras?
  26. Who are called Svetembaras?
  27. Which Jainism is more spread these days?
  28. Where did Jainism spread?
  29. Why it could not compete with Buddhism?
  30. What did the Jain people build?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


  • What is the meaning of Honda?
  • Original Rice Paddy.
  • Soichiro Honda
  • (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991).
  • Mother. a weaver, very innovative, 
  • Father:  A blacksmith.
  • Favourite toys: bicycle parts.
  • Got punishment from father for school report.See and find out Why??? search and find.
  • First job in 1922 after 8 years of schooling.
  • In Tokyo, auto-repair shop. cleaning dishes ,preparing meals
  • 1923- designing  a race car..drove 3 race cars during earthquake.He was never behind a steering wheel before.
  • He was a riding mechanic.1924   their team won the race.
  • Working as a team leader at 21 ,he manufactured metal spokes, piston rings.
  • 1936 incident for fast car racing changed his life.
  • He was after getting Knowledge and not the diploma.
  • 1937 the TURNING POINT   in his life.
  • After world war II he sold his firm to TOYOTA for 450000 yen.
  • one year drunken rest with friends.
  • 1946 manufacturing MOPEDS.'CHOO-CHOO'
  • Dentures saved a deal. presence of mind,right action at the right time.
  • His excellent Policy.staff work harder with more innovative spirit if not forced.
  • 4 basic principles:
  • ' the creation of new markets, 
  • participation of all employees in management,
  •  internationalization of production,
  •  solution of technical and other problems without looking back to precedents, traditions, and common views.'
  • thanks to this link for all the information

  • The joy of producing,
  • Making the Seller happy because Honda is liked and bought by the buyer.
  • The Buyer is happy for having the choice of selecting the Honda product.