Wednesday, October 17, 2018


  1. Am,was, will be. were, would be.
  2. I am happy.
  3.  I was thinking of helping anyone. 
  4. I will be blessed if I do help someone.
  5.  Were you  there at any time?
  6.  Who would not be glad if someone comes and helps at the right time?
  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Have, had, had, has, having.
  9. Do you have a kind heart? 
  10. Who had been here?
  11.  They had had everything but lost in gambling. 
  12. Who has the patience these days?
  13.  I am having plenty of time.
  14. Having read the life history of Lincoln who will not try to do something better.
  15. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. Do.did,done,does, doing,doing.
  17. Do you know him?
  18.  Who did this?
  19.  Have you done your work?
  20. Who does not know America? 
  21. What was he doing at that time?
  22. Doing something to help somebody's mother to cross the road is a good act.
  23. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  24. go.
  25. Who wants to go to the movie?
  26. I go there every day.
  27. Who went inside the cave?
  28. Where has he gone?
  29. Who goes there?
  30. She always goes to her sister's house often.
  31. Going on a world tour was his life's ambition.
  32. Where was it going at that time?
  33. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  35. to drive, drive, drove, driven,drives, driving.
  36. He want to drive the Honda .
  37. Do you drive fast?
  38. Who drove away the poverty?
  39. Have you driven a limousin?
  40. She drives so fast and crooked and she drives him mad.
  41. Driving a car in at the speed of 8o k.m .an hour is good.
  42. Do you know how to convert K.m to Miles?
  43. Do you know the difference between gallon and litre?

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