Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Banyan fruit/Pumpkin

  1. A man was passing by.
  2. It was a hot summer day.
  3. He was very tired.
  4. He wanted to take rest
  5. He saw a banyan tree at a distance.
  6. On the way he saw a pumpkin creeper.
  7. There were three pumpkins.
  8. He went to sleep under the tree.
  9. He thought about God's creation.
  10. "Why did God made the banyan fruit small and the pumpkin big?"
  11. " why he has made banyan fruits at the top and the pumpkin on the ground?"
  12. When he was sleeping , a banyan fruit fell on his forehead.
  13. He suddenly got up and was awake.
  14. Then he said to himself,"God has a reason behind everything he creates ,created or creating."
  15. " If the pumpkin has fallen on my forehead, I would have lost my eyesight or I must have lost my life."
  16. God is really Great.He knows what he does.

For you my darlings -visually impaired

  1. Image result for giraffe and camel
  2. " You are very ugly."
  3. " I am as I am."
  4. " God is very clever .He knows why He has created me."
  5. " See I am very tall.You aren't as tall as I am."
  6. " I can eat anything I want on the ground."
  7. "Can you?"
  8. "yes. with much difficulty,"
  9. " I can eat thorns too, when I need especially in the desert."
  10. "But can you?"
  11. "I have a long neck. I can eat the leaves from the tall branches."
  12. "I am called the ship of the desert."
  13. "What are you called except an animal,Giraffe?
  14. " I agree.God is really great."

For my visually impaired students.

  1. Which animal is big and which animal is small?
  2. The whale,the elephant.
  3. The ant is small.
  4. Image result for elephant and ant
  5. Which is the amphibian animal?
  6. Tortoise, crocodile and frog.
Image result for crocodile,frog and tortoise
Image result for crocodile,frog and tortoise
  1. They can live in water and also on land.
  2. Who abolished slavery in America?
  3. Our dear Abraham Lincoln.
  4. What is the color of an apple?
  5. green, yellow and red most of the times.
  6. Image result for apples